Our Current Garlic Varieties

  Khabar,                         Kitchen stock left 2018
Origin is from eastern Siberia near the city of Khabarovsk. A very good producer for us, with full very almost round cloves with a dark purple skin. A pungent variety that starts out kind of sweet and gets hotter then lingers. I have this in stock for 2018, seed stock will go fast. They will be large and tasty. Great for making salsa!

Our Current Garlic Varieties

Hadrut or Armenian,        Kitchen stock left 2018
  Origin is from southern Armenia. A very good producer for us, with large leaves and scapes. These plants grow very tall with heavy leaves 3-5 cloves per bulb, 20-25 per pound for seed. Great flavor and works well many ways, including pickling. Great for those who only like using one or two in the kitchen. Most of our Porcelains have less cloves but they are very large. Porcelain types are great for new or experienced growers.

German White or Music, Kitchen stock left 2018
    Another great Porcelain type that is a good choice as it is easy to grow. Mild to medium heat here depending on how one uses it, more flavor is developing each year. Four to six medium to large cloves with a pinkinsh hue, great choice. Usually 30-40 cloves per lb.

Our Current Garlic Varieties

 Krasnodar White,           not grown this year 2018
      It's origin is from the province of Krasnodar in southwest Russia near the Black Sea. Nutty and starchy when roasted but hot and sulfurous in it's raw state. Bulbs and cloves are slightly smaller 40-60 per lb.
 A great choice if your garden is lacking space. Grows shorter than other Porcelains with smaller stems.

Georgia Fire,                       Kitchen stock left 2018
    Another great porcelain type and large clove producer 25-35 per lb. Tall plants with heavy leaves and scape, scapes pickle very nicely. More complexity as the bulbs store, with a good hit and a lingering savory flavor. Limited seed stock this year, kitchen stock is available.

Our Current Garlic Varieties
Purple Striped:

 Kishlyk,                     A little kitchen stock left 2018 
Rare and vigorous grower. Origin is south of Samarkand in Kishlyk Uzbekistan. Another very good producer as it moves foward in years with us. Crecent shaped cloves like the Chesnok Red it's cousin. Medium to large bulbs with 6-9 medium sized cloves. Used often in my kitchen and becoming a favorite! Stores well 8 months or more. This one is in stock but limited and cannot be passed up.

Shvelisi,                                  sold out for 2018  
Know more commonly as Chesnok Red. Chesnok being the Russian word for Garlic. Usually a few more cloves, some bulbs will have two rows, most will not from our stock. Grows well eats even better, best roaster. Getting larger as it is adapting to MN climate slowly. A favorite in many kitchens, store's well also. Very short supply on this type so get your order in early! Contact me to find out if stock is available email or phone/ text is fine.

Our Current Garlic Varieties

Russian Red,                           sold out for 2018                
Brought to Canada in the 19th Century by the Doukhobors. Used often in many kitchens! Usually medium bulbs, with shorter vegetation 4-6 cloves per bulb. This year even less cloves but they are large cloves, they are more round in shape and flavor matches that. One great garlic here with a milder flavor. Stores well also but a little fussy to grow.

Our Current Garlic Varieties

Chimyan,                         Kitchen stock left 2018
Another rare type we have aquired. Originally collected in the Chimyan Mountains in Uzbekistan. Grows very strong with a deep green vegetation. Scapes are delicious and have become my wife's favorite along with the cloves. 4-6 larger than average for it's type cloves, very strong flavor and bite here raw, but a great flavor when cooked. One special Garlic here for sure! This one is gowing fast in 2018 season. Contact me right away or it will be gone, email or phone is fine.

Our Current Garlic Varieties

Sakura,           A very small amount of kitchen stock left 2018
Our Sakura was very spicy and pungent last year when eaten raw, but it come's on very strong and lingers quickly. I think this is because of our climate. I use this one in a variety of dishes, but primarily in marinades as it holds it's own against the other ingredients. We also use this one of course in stir fry's, but with a limited supply and as many of those types dishes we cook we run out quickly. Get some if you can, supply will be very limited! In our climate this one only makes less cloves, many bulbs will only have 2-3 cloves some will have 4-5 and it makes bulbils in the midstem. In a more temperate climate this one will produce 5 or more cloves. These bulbils are like a prize and can be eaten. A great addition in your salsa or used in soups or marinades, they are pretty hot in my opinion. They can also be planted in the spring and you will have something like a hot spring onion. Very Limited! Contact me to find out email or phone is fine.

Kitchen Stock getting low
All our kitchen stock comprises from all the listed varieties and types. If you have a particular type you like we will ship it right out. We can get you the garlic you like for your kitchen on a first come first served basis. So first orders in first out, that's always been our policy. All garlics are wonderful in the kitchen, but if your not sure just what to use for a specific dish please just ask, we can make a pretty good suggestion. We cook everyday and use our garlic and powder exclusively. So from a stir-fry to a roasted dish or a sautee'd masterpiece our garlic will give you the pop you want and get you the best tatse around.

 You just can't beat fresh!!
We are still offering our great garlic in a powder form.
Gourmet Garlic Powder for your kitchen in small or large quantities. Look on our pricing page for your best option.