2017 Pricing

 Jumbo bulbs:                           Lb.                                                                       1/2Lb.
Porcelains only,                    $18.00                                                                   $11.00
Large Bulbs:                          $14.00                                                                   $9.00
Kitchen Stock:                       $10.00                                                                   $7.00
Sakura seed stock 1/2 lb. only                                                                          $14.00
Khabar seed stock               $22.00
Shvelisi seed stock 1/2lb only                                                                           $12.00
German White                      $14.00                 sorry no 1/2 lb. pricing
Krasnodar White                  $20.00                 No 1/2 lb. available very limited stock in 2017
Khabar                                   $16.00 for seed, kitchen stock same as above
Kishlyk (purple striped)       $18.00 for seed, kitchen stock same as above
Chimyan                                $ 18.00 (unclassified rare type seed or kitchen stock unless authorized by Peter)

Shipping is extra on most orders but provided by the best suited and least expensive carrier
Pricing is subject to change, large orders can obtain a price break. We have a large stock of some types and limited stock of others. Call for info, online store should launch around 8-1-17

Garlic Powder/Garlic Salt: Sold as a 3 ounce package reuse your bottle and save $1.00. Just add the quantity. Powder is ready for shipping upon request.
                                                3oz.   jar                                                               $8.00
                                                3oz.   package                                                     $7.00
                                                8oz.   jar                                                               $20.00          
                                                16oz. jar                                                               $40.00                                                                                                       16oz. package                                                     $35.00

All orders do not include shipping unless a deal is made with Peter, we use the least expensive method. Orders will be filled to request, unless your variety is out of stock. If that happens someone will contact you and suggest a suitable type for substitute. Orders can be placed now to secure your garlic. Please email your order with check number, you may also send a money order or even use Paypal, that's the quickest and safest way. Remember to add your ship to address & zip code for your order.If using PayPal I will invoice you and payment clears in usually 3 days or less, just include the ship to address it's as simple as that. If email is not an option please call Peter. Items of special interest not in our stock are subject to higher pricing. You request type and quantity and I will see what I can do. All emails should go to agr@alicegarlicranch.com phone orders or questions to 507-529-8898
As always thanks for your business, Peter, Alice & Helen